BAILA Society partners with world class leaders to bring the dance, music and art of salsa to a sophisticated audience worldwide. The BASo concept makes available to clients a unique blend of high-end customized services around the world, including private salsa instruction, travel, performances, lifestyle and cross-cultural event coordination, videos, music, networking, tailored solutions, and exclusive access to our partners -- among them the leading dance schools and performers in the world, boutique hotels, private member and night clubs, award winning musicians, lifestyle companies and international media.
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Start learning how to dance Salsa TODAY!

BAILA Society Online Dance Academy is the most comprehensive instructional video library for New York Salsa "on 2".

* Online classes for ALL levels
* Unlimited access
* Detailed breakdowns; Multiple angles
* Learn from the world's top instructors
* Santo Rico Online Studio

How does it work?

The BASo Online Dance Academy is the fastest and most cost effective way to learn Salsa.

  1. sign up for a monthly membership
  2. Start your free 3-day trial
  3. Get immediate access to all instructional videos
  4. Cancel at any time
  5. You're charged only if you remain a member





How much does it cost?

You get the most bang for your buck. You get access to our entire library of videos for only $20/month, or the price of one studio class. You wont find a better deal anywhere.

  BASo Online BASo Online +
Santo Rico Studio
1 month $19.95 $39.95
3 months $49.95 $99.95
12 months $189.95 $379.95
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Member Testimonials

"I have to say, I have only been a member one day and I am hooked. Where I live now I am the most advanced dancer in my salsa scene having come from SF... and I no longer have the opportunity to train with top professionals. I love that I can keep brushed up on my salsa in my own home with such high level instructors."

"Athoy is AMAZZZZIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG I love her sexy style. I took a workshop from her a long time ago, and always wanted to do more of her stuff. THANK YOU GUYS for making this avail. I hope to see more videos in the future! "

"I've always wanted to learn how to dance, but I've never really had the money or time.  Thank you very, very much for your online classes! I am learning SO MUCH!!!!!"

"I am so glad I am now a member of BAILA Society. There are so many instructional videos I'm kicking myself for not joining sooner! And it caters to just about everyone's needs as wellas for all levels. I especially like the hand technique workshops. That's so unique! I'm nuts about technique workshops."

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