BAILA Society partners with world class leaders to bring the dance, music and art of salsa to a sophisticated audience worldwide. The BASo concept makes available to clients a unique blend of high-end customized services around the world, including private salsa instruction, travel, performances, lifestyle and cross-cultural event coordination, videos, music, networking, tailored solutions, and exclusive access to our partners -- among them the leading dance schools and performers in the world, boutique hotels, private member and night clubs, award winning musicians, lifestyle companies and international media.
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Home | Partnerwork Technique | Walk-Around Workshop

Walk-Around Workshop



Instructors: Daniel Enskat and Gaby Quiles

Music: La Prieta by Quinto Mayor

Studio courtesy of The Peridance Capezio Center, New York

·  BASo Beginner Pattern
·  BASo NY Salsa On2 in 7 Days - Men's Footwork - The Swing
·  BASo NY Salsa On2 in 7 Days - Men's Footwork - The Cross Body Lead
·  BASo NY Salsa On2 in 7 Days - Men's Footwork - The Back-step
·  BASo NY Salsa on2 in 7 Days - Men's Footwork - The Walkaround
·  BASo NY Salsa on2 in 7 Days - Ladies' Footwork - The Walkaround
·  BASo Signature Series - The Scoop Around
·  Day Four: The Walkaround