BAILA Society partners with world class leaders to bring the dance, music and art of salsa to a sophisticated audience worldwide. The BASo concept makes available to clients a unique blend of high-end customized services around the world, including private salsa instruction, travel, performances, lifestyle and cross-cultural event coordination, videos, music, networking, tailored solutions, and exclusive access to our partners -- among them the leading dance schools and performers in the world, boutique hotels, private member and night clubs, award winning musicians, lifestyle companies and international media.
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Shines and Styling
Training exercises for ladies and men

Get noticed on the dance floor with BASo's innovative shines and styling videos .

For beginners, our lessons offer variations in head, arm, and body movement that can be used to enhance simple salsa floorwork patterns. Isolation exercises and training routines will be drawn from other dance disciplines to encourage flexibility, body control, and rhythm.

For advanced dancers, the main focus of the videos is to enhance the dancer's skill repertoire to performance quality. Students will learn the importance of posture, eye contact, and facial expressions when performing, as well as useful strategies for maximizing each movement.

 Sign up for your free 3-day trial and start learning the fancy footwork that will get you noticed on the dance floor.

Sign up for your free 3-day trial and start learning the fancy footwork that will get you noticed on the dance floor.

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Shines and Styling is organized into the following sections:

  • Basic Shines - Ladies and Men
    We cover most basic principles of Salsa dancing and slowly incorporates figures to help you get used to fundamental concepts of dance, including balance, footwork, counter-body movement, polycentricity, arm styling and overall coordination.

  • Ladies Advanced Shines - Ladies and Men
    Advanced Shines uses salsa floorwork patterns to introduce more complex, polycentric, movements as well as stage performance technique.

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Sample Ladies Footwork Lesson

Here's a preview of a ladies' combo taught to you by world famous Ahtoy WonPat-Borja. Sign up for your free 3-day trial.

Member Testimonials

"I can't help watching the videos all the time, to learn the moves, and to feel the contagious mood as well. "

"Beautifully produced video. The music is mixed in great. It beats all of my DVD collection."

" I just started learning On 2 NY Salsa and this site has been a great resource. It's been such a pleasure learning from BASo and I find the concept of spreading the knowledge through the Net is pure genius. Now people who don't necessarily live close by the instructors they want to learn from can still learn from them. And plus, the way the material is delivered is easy to follow and learn from."

"This is by far the most comprehensive and well designed website teaching salsa online. Finally, someone has come up with a great idea. Thank you, Baila Society!"


Santo Rico Ladies Styling
NY Salsa Shines - Carmen
Santo Rico Ladies Styling

Carmen teaches an intricate shine pattern with a lot of body movement and fast footwork spiced up with some arm styling that is sure to challenge you on each count. Enjoy!
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