BAILA Society partners with world class leaders to bring the dance, music and art of salsa to a sophisticated audience worldwide. The BASo concept makes available to clients a unique blend of high-end customized services around the world, including private salsa instruction, travel, performances, lifestyle and cross-cultural event coordination, videos, music, networking, tailored solutions, and exclusive access to our partners -- among them the leading dance schools and performers in the world, boutique hotels, private member and night clubs, award winning musicians, lifestyle companies and international media.
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Santo Rico Online Studio
Ushering in a New Era of Salsa Online

Santo Rico

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Professional dancers regularly travel thousands of miles to train with and learn from world-renowned instructor Tomas Guerrero and now BASo members can get a private class and access it 24/7 around the world. Live from the Santo Rico studio in New York, Tomas and his Santo Rico dancers teach new classes for all levels every week, including:

  • Spinning : Santo Rico spinning classes detailing all aspects of Tomas Guerrero's famous spinning method, along with turn drill exercises used by his professional performance team
  • Partnerwork : Salsa partnerwork classes for all skill levels from basic beginner to Santo Rico pre-professional. Perfect your leading/following technique and learn Santo Rico's unique turn patterns!
  • Ladies' Styling : Santo Rico's leading female instructors break down the secrets to sexy and elegant ladies' styling with footwork routines and helpful exercises
  • Shines : Salsa footwork routines for all levels that have you work up a sweat and develop a dynamic solo style on the dance floor
  • Over 6 brand new Santo Rico classes each month

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Latest Santo Rico Styling and Spinning
Santo Rico Intermediate ShinesSanto Rico Intermediate Shines

Welcome Danielle Figueroa! A veteran of the Santo Rico Dance Company and a principal dancer in the professional dance company. Edwin shares his style with us in this shine lesson. Enjoy . . . more

Latest Santo Rico Partnerwork
Santo Rico Advanced Partnerwork - Unconventional and fun leads - Part 2 of 2Santo Rico Advanced Partnerwork - Unconventional and fun leads - Part 2 of 2

Tomas Guerrero is BACK with more lessons! in the middle of a long travelling season for the company. This week, Tomas returns with part two of his lessons aimed at unconventional movements. The challenge continues Enjoy! . . . more

Latest Santo Rico Shines
Santo Rico Music WorkshopSanto Rico Music Workshop

Presenting a second lesson on the relationship between salsa dancing and salsa music, Santo Rico Professional dancers and Instructors Cesar Cora, Jazmin Tejada, and Jeffrey Taveras bring a workshop on dancing to the focal point of the music, "The Clave". For those who have never been made aware of this relation, you are in for an awakening to a new level of your own dancing, and for those who know this already, a refresher is never a bad thing so enjoy and remember to use what you learn on the dance-floor. . . . more